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Consultation & Timeline

ACTA will workwith Alberta Health tocomplete the draft policy work to support regulation for the new College. Alberta Health will consult with stakeholders on the draft policy work in the future. Stakeholders may include practitioner associations, educational institutions, other colleges within the Health Professions Act, other government departments, insurance providersand employers. S

takeholders will beprovided with the draft policywork, as well as the proposedStandards of Practiceand Code of Ethics,and asked for feedback. AlbertaHealth will work with ACTA to make anynecessary changes to these documents based onthe feedback received.

The policy and regulation will need Cabinet approval. The timelinesfor these processes are uncertainand will need to be determined at a future date.Cabinet willset a Proclamation date inconsultation with ACTA for the opening of CCTA. The openingdate of the College is uncertain, but likely to occur sometime between fall 2019 and fall 2020.

Keeping Informed